TiFRONT Security Switch

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Access Control, Authentication, and Management at Once

Ultimate Access Switch for Internal Threat Management

The importance of the internal security is increasing as
there are more attacks aiming access networks near
user nodes. Threats are exploding as there are more of
BYODs connected to unauthorized Access Point (AP)s and
switching hubs.

TiFRONT Security Switch,
supporting L2/L3 switching and security features,
is a perfect solution for these threats.

Clean Network Guarantee

Security Switch combines various security features as an access security switch.
It can prevent leaking of confidential account information and call tapping.
It can also secure your internal network with network accesses control by user.

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Selective Malicious Traffic Block
Security Switch can guarantee seamless service by passing normal
traffic while selectively block malicious traffic.
  • Faster and More Accurate Detection TiMatrix, Hardware-Based High-Performance Security Engine
  • The multicore based security engine is adopted for the best security.
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Network Access Control
Network access range can be configured depending on user level; staff, operator, and visitor.
It builds secured network since integrated authorization of a terminal and a user can control to access the network.
Network Visibility
When a trouble point cannot be figured out, TiManager for security monitoring shows you how much traffic, how many devices and who are connected in network.
It also monitors large-scale network infrastructures from head quarter to branches through centralized management.

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Case Studies
  • “We saw that the traffic skyrocketed in P2P and web hard when our students were downloading music or movies. But, the QoS function of Security Switch successfully prevented the traffic overload. We can also manage the IP resources used by random users in our internal network without special management system just by replacing the previous switches with Security Switch. As a result, our network resource management’s effectiveness was improved significantly.”
  • Baejae University
  • “We replaced our internal switch with PIOLINK security switch. This solution is TiFRONT security enabled to block ARP Spoofing and sorts of malicious traffic. Its user friendly management system also allowed for defining security policies in group and separately both. Furthermore, this solution improved our operation effectiveness by co-managing switch and IP. Therefore, we plan to extend this solution to other department and organizations in the future and also centralized management of our network using TiManager Pro.”
  • Jincheon County Office

Choose from deployment, port, PoE, and features on your demands.

    L2 Switch
  • Switching
  • 8, 24, 48 100ME ~
    1GE ports interface
  • (Option) PoE+, dualpower,
    and 10GE uplink/stacking
    L3 Switch
  • Switching and Routing
  • 24, 48 1GE ports interface
  • (Option) PoE+, dualpower,
    and 10GE uplink/stacking

PLOS: PIOLINK Operating System

PLOS is PIOLINK exclusive operating system. It has various high technologies like security,
High Availability (HA), and virtualization for putting optimized kernel
and ultimate network performance together. PLOS is stable and high performance platform
to support specialized features in each product.

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