TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch

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Make it Simple, Smart, and Secure

Cloud Managed Security Switch

TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch can solve various security problems, visualize your network, and simplify all your network management from installation to troubleshooting based on Web GUI with a few clicks. Do not even think about difficult command interfaces!
The Cloud Security Switch as a smart switch can solve all network matters for your internal networks wisely according to increasing a lot of BYODs and IoT devices

Why Cloud Security Switch?

  • Monitor & control scattered devices

    Analyze network traffic and manage internal security threats

  • Difficult to find trouble points

    Delay troubleshooting and invest more resources

  • Manual operations and updates

    Frequent human errors

All-in-one for your network management as simple, smart, and secure

Simple Remote Management by Few Clicks

TiController, centralized management on cloud manages all matters on your network from installation, configuration, traffic control, and troubleshooting with few clicks on Web GUI.

All managements are possible to support on a cloud, except for connecting a physical internet cable at any time and anywhere connecting to internet. It makes you save your operating costs without investing more resources.

  • Intuitive Web user interface and mobile app
  • All-in-one view connected switches and devices on various sites
  • Value-added features for more convenient; NMS, QoS, ESM, and NAC
  • Multi-tenant / role-based authorization
  • Outstanding a scalable management system

Overall Management at a Glance

As mobility, BYODs, and IoT devices are increasing, there are more devices unidentified or uncontrolled. Visibility is the key to security.
TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch can instantly monitor and control scattered switches, connected devices, and traffic statuses in detail.

switch location and network architecture management
with a map and topology

traffic analysis and management
for each switch, port, and client

IP address and IT asset management
by collecting and grouping user device information

Internal Network Security

TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch supports valued added security features.
It supports secured internal networks with blocking various malicious traffic, expanding ransomwares, unauthorized access, and others like below.

  • Preventing to spread ransomware, malicious codes and traffic
  • Detect and block to leak credential information on VoIP phones, IP cameras, and PC screens
  • Blocking DoS attacks
  • Access control to unauthorized units and NAT devices on internal network
  • Access control on malicious/unauthorized sites
  • 802.1X multiple access control

TiMatrix: High-Performance Security Engine

for detecting and blocking malicious traffic

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Change Hundreds of IP Camera Passwords at Once

Image leakage accidents caused by IP camera hacking are continuously occurring.
To prevent this, you should change your password regularly.
However, it is not easy to change every single camera in the hundreds.

TiController manages a lot of IP camera information.
It is convenient to check bulk password, trouble, location, traffic, etc.

Do you worry about the management, security, and limited IT resources?

Here is TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch.

TiFRONT_CloudSecuritySwitch Cloud Security Switch for CCTVs

    Cloud Security Switch
  • Layer 2 / Layer 3 switch
  • 10–52 ports (1/10GbE, PoE)
  • Management on cloud
  • Block malicious traffic
    Cloud Switch
  • Layer 2 switch
  • 28 ports (1/10GbE, PoE)
  • Management on cloud
    TiFRONT Cloud Security
    Switch for CCTV
  • Support PoE
  • Selective malicious traffic Block
  • IP Camera password management