Comprehensive Web Security

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Valuable Considerations for Web Application Firewall.

Generally, high performance WAF requires balanced figures over major performance index - CPS, TPS, and SSL acceleration.
WEBFRONT-K has 2–3 times higher values in CPS, TPS, and concurrent sessions, compare to competitive WAFs;
when SSL accelerates it’s immense security system provides fast and reliable performance with 2048-bit RSA key.

H/W Strengths
Maximizing Web Traffic Process and Resource through Own-developed Hardware

WEBFRONT-K sorts traffic floating in from port ensuring high-performance.
The independent technology in PIOLINK, Smart Selector sorts web traffic and
passes rest of packet quickly to the server. As web traffic go through a security
inspection by specialized engine for web security, management - configuration,
monitoring, and update - is separately processed by specialized engine for
management allowing WEBFRONT-K to focus on a security inspection.
Specialized engine for web security efficiently use CPU by evenly distributing
traffic to cores through a core load balancing.

Contrarily, other WAFs use software on extensive appliance,
so that they contain a structural vulnerability with systematic limits.

Exclusive web security platform for WEBFRONT-K – Web security engine for inspecting web traffic, and high performance switching fabric for other traffic sends them to web servers directly.

S/W Strengths
Accelerates Application Process by Removing Bottleneck

Dynamic Application Proxy (DAP) in PIOLINK simplifies a complex network stack to remove bottleneck points between user and kernel.
Comparing to competitors’ WAFs, WEBFRONT-K possesses independent technology that instantly process massive and diversified
web applications.

Application process comparison

SSL Strengths
High Performance SSL Accelerator

A host of websites - finance, portal, and e-commerce use encrypted SSL communication for information security.
WAF performs SSL encryption and decryption in front of Web servers, and
run certificates and keys instead to manage various servers which prevent to decrease a server performance.

WEBFRONT-K in PIOLINK rapidly handles SSL traffic through hardware SSL Accelerator.
Stable WEBFRONT-K can process higher key size to manage SSL compare to competitors’ software.
Latest websites are recommended to use 2048-bit RSA key for stable SSL communication;
even if a higher key size is demanded later on, PIOLINK is capable to satisfy service stability through our own hardware design.

SSL performance comparison on 2048 bit key encryption
WEBFRONT-K, High performance WAF different from Design.
PIOLINK, The top market share in Korea ADC market, is recognized for
exceptional superiority over application and network technology.
WEBFRONT-K with the superiority provides secured web services to
numerous customers - finance, digital government, game, education, and e-commerce.