WEBFRONT-K Web Application and API Protection

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Web Application Firewall evolved into WAAP

Protects Web Applications and APIs

POILINK WEBFRONT-K has evolved into a Web Application and
API Protection (WAAP) from the legacy web application firewall.

As the use of APIs in application development has common way, attacks targeting API vulnerabilities are increasing.
In addition, WAAP is essential because existing web application firewalls alone cannot effectively protect sensitive information through your web applications and APIs.

WEBFRONT-K is a WAAP that responds to new web attacks by applying intelligent detection technology including user
behavior-based detection, boasting the best performance
on the in-house developed platform.

White Paper for API Security and WAAP Adoption

The API Security White Paper published by PIOLINK examines the concept of API security proposed by Gartner and OWASP, and introduces 6 key technologies to counter API attacks and vulnerabilities.

As an evolved model of web application firewall, WAAP has 4 key functions: web application protection, DDoS protection, bot management, and API protection.
Find out why WAAP is so popular as an API security solution.

Download API security whitepaper

4 core features of WAAP

Web application firewall

DDoS protection

Bot management

API protection

Korea’s best-performance WAF / WAAP
Optimized web app and API Security Platform
Convenient and improved management
GUI-based management console and web
security log analysis/reports
OWASP top 10 /
API top 10 response
Various detection skills
Latest protocols and SSL visibility
TLS 1.3, HTTP/2, hardware-based SSL offloading
Automation of application operation
Expanding license-based performance
without equipment change

Differentiated design for high-performance

We design and develop hardware and software for optimized web security.

Selective traffic processing
· Applying Smart Selector™, proprietary technology, to an equipment port
· Delivering web traffic (HTTP & HTTPS) selectively on ‘dedicated web security engine’
Core load balancing packet process
· Performing a load balancing to avoid bottleneck of a certain CPU core when web traffic is detected
· Providing high-performance web security by effective CPU usage (patent registered)

Various detection technologies

Applying CAPTCHA and JavaScript action-based authentication to control improper bot activities.

Various installation methods

Supporting various installation methods including In-Line and Out-of-Path

Mirroring :
Focusing on real-time monitoring
· Copying all the packets passing through switches on WAAP
· Block illegal requests
· Operating independently from the
· No service failure or network latency via WAAP
Hybrid :
Mix Mirroring with In-Line
· Implementation of mirroring and In-Line with one WAAP
· Availability and security at the same time
Rapid In-Line :
Speed check methods
· Speed check methods without proxy handling
· Providing session-transparency between users and servers
· Involving in user requests and relevant responses only
· High Speed
Case Studies
  • “It is important to secure our service and availability because a lot of traffic is concentrated on a certain period on online stock trading service. WEBFRONT-K series are strong points to support web security and high performance SSL acceleration than others’ WAF. After building it, it provides stable services through performing secured traffic on stock trading, even a certain period which traffic is concentrated.”
  • “Since our internal web servers have credential information about students and teaching faculty, the security is very critical. WEBFRONT-K series provide stable SSL traffic under concentration like signing up courses on a certain time, as well as web security.”
  • “During the travel peak season, few hundred applications are managed and massive traffic is focused. Existing web application firewall has problem with SSL processing performance so the company introduced WEBFRONT-K as a replacement. Currently WEBFRONT-K is responsible for the entire security of the group of companies, providing reliable and fast web service to A airline users by safely processing SSL traffic even during the peak season.”
  • “With PIOLINK’s web application firewall, we could build the elevated web security environment and enhance the safety and availability of web server based on SSL acceleration and L7 load balancing. In addition, the simple configuration and monitoring solution significantly improved the satisfaction of device operators.”
  • A Insurance
  • Online stock trading brokerage considers available and security very important since a website traffic is concentrated at certain times. WEBFRONT-K ensures web security and SSL acceleration better than any other web application firewall. Introducing WEBFRONT-K enabled to provide a reliable service without interruption during trade concentrated times by safely processing SSL traffic from stock trading.
  • "For our project of enhancing web firewalls, the most important thing was to choose the right firewall product that can maintain its high performance during SSL encryption and decryption and has low latency and no data loss. Considering such conditions, PIOLINK’s web firewall showed much stronger performance than the products of other companies.”

  • KIWOOM Securities

Achieved recognition throughout various business area such as finance,
portal, utilities, medical, education, and corporation.

WEBFRONT-K/KS Brochure WEBFRONT-K API Security White Paper SSL Technical Report

  • Throughput 600Mbps ~ 40Gbps full line-up
  • High performance SSL
  • WEBFRONT-K virtual appliance
  • Software WAF/ WAAP
  • Supports public & Private cloud

PLOS:PIOLINK Operating System

PLOS is PIOLINK exclusive operating system.
It has various high technologies like security, High Availability (HA), and virtualization
for putting optimized kernel and ultimate network performance together.
PLOS is stable and high performance platform to support specialized features in each product.

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