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Enhanced Online Service with Web Firewall Supporting SSL Acceleration


Korea’s first online securities firm

Given the fact that its most services are online-based, KIWOOM Securities decided that securing the fast, stable and secured internet would be the way to keep their services competitive in the market. In particular, security is the key to keep business for financial companies.
Therefore, strong security policy is essential to defend various cyber attacks. As every service provided by KIWOOM Securities is based on network, blocking web-based attacks was its priority in security.
In other words, KIWOOM Securities needed the right solution to effectively defend frequent DDoS attacks, block malicious codes and intelligent attacks coming through the web, and detect sophisticated target attacks and prevent the resulting damages.
The existing web firewall was needed to be replaced because it had limitation in terms of SSL encryption and decryption and its performance was not strong enough to meet the needs of KIWOOM Securities.
Accordingly, PIOLINK introduced KIWOOM Securities a range of web firewall products supporting SSL acceleration to consider while looking for the system to protect the customers and services of KIWOOM Securities by testing our products on real network many times.

In addition, as for KIWOOM Securities, web firewall had to be installed in multiple sections in order to support fragmented web environment. Considering this, we decided that installing sufficient numbers of highly stable web firewalls at reasonable price is more effective than using expensive high-performing products.
KIWOOM Securities considered many kinds of web firewalls developed by domestic and international providers to find the right one that meets the above two conditions of cost-effectiveness and stability. Finally it chose PIOLINK’s high-performing web firewall 'WEBFRONT-K'.
The analysis of attack pattern during the building and operation of PIOLINK web firewall found that PIOLINK’s web firewall effectively blocked the attacks that used to be detected by the internal security system.
In particular, web-based intelligent attack was blocked in the very front end of the web, enhancing the security for KIWOOM Securities. WEBFRONT-K also successfully satisfied the needs of KIWOOM Securities as it effectively detected attacks without affecting its services on real network.