TiFRONT Security AP

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WiFi and security at one time.
Easy management in the cloud.

PIOLINK TiFRONT AP is a wireless access point that can be managed
from the cloud and web while providing security and visibility.

It has the high level of visibility (e.g. showing where multiple AP is installed,
the range and rate of each WiFi signal, connected equipment types,
and traffic volumes) and blocks various security threats on the wireless network.

Deployment of Cloud-based TiFRONT wired/wireless networks

Centralized remote management of multiple sites
Auto-installation and update of SWITCH and AP
​​Rapid network build-up and expansion
Blocking the spread of malicious traffic like ransomware ​​
​​Analyzing locations, users and applications
Control of excessive traffic

Wireless Security

TiFRONT AP blocks the internal spread of malicious traffic like ransomware via the wireless network.
As malicious traffic only is blocked, business continuity can be maintained. Critical information is protected by blocking
APR spoofing attack, which intercepts packets like VOIP phone-call, IP camera video, user PC screen, etc. in the middle of communication.

  • High-performance security engine, TiMatrix

  • Outstanding visibility

    Analyzing AP location and access

    Marking AP location on a map and showing analysis indicators such as users who access each AP, access devices, access time, re-access time, etc.

    Identifying applications and
    analyzing traffic

    It can analyze the usage of each application and designate its use priority. It can identify and manage those using excessive traffic which reduces WiFi rate.

    Connection terminal analysis

    It collects and classifies OUI data and MAC addresses by matching them with asset types. It can identify unauthorized devices and improve security by managing networks by group.

    TiController : easy management in the cloud

    Centralized remote management of multiple sites​​
    Automatic installation and update of switches and APs
    ​​Build and expand the network quickly
    AP location, users, traffic, application analysis​​
    ​​Excessive traffic control that slows down WiFi​​
    Automatic publication of security event reports​

    WiFi and security at one time. Easy management in the cloud

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