Application Availability

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Data centers should support seamless service.

Servers in the data center have overload to process massive
traffic occurred by increasing BYODs and various applications.
PAS-K is a key solution to support servers and
service availabilities in the data center.
PAS-K transmits well-arranged traffic to servers, firewalls,and
VPNs to increase resource efficiency in applications and
service stability as well as it provides various High Availability
(HA) features to preserve your business continuity.
Controlling the Traffic Explosion and Guaranteeing Connections
When massive traffic are overwhelming out of server capacity, PAS-K can balance the traffic for stable service and secure your connection if connection requests exceeded thresholds is normal by buffering. Also, it can support stable service with High Availability to servers by redirecting to designated servers.
PAS-K’s load balancing description
Connection Pooling
To prepare for certain periods with heavy traffic, PAS-K keeps a number of connections with servers in advance. As it reuses previously stored connections instead of generating new connections whenever users send requests for web pages, the load on the servers can be reduced. Also, users can enjoy quick page loading and stable service.
Connection Pooling
Load Balancing
PAS-K deployed in front of servers distributes well-balanced traffic to each server.
Load balancing in PAS-K support not only servers, but also firewalls, VPNs, and
gateways in order to manage efficient resource and control massive traffic for
stable service.
PAS-K’s load balancing description
GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) can be deployed to route traffic usinga
variety of methods such as the primary disaster recovery (DR) or
the closest geographical data center.
Even if there are any unexpected troubles at IDC 1,
PAS-K can redirect service traffic to other IDC 3 for stable service availability.
PAS-K’s GLSB description
It is monitoring your availability of contents, application, and servers interworking with PAS-K series. It can support non-stop and trouble-free service through connecting sessions again when the servers are normal.