TiFRONT Backbone Switch

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The TiFRONT backbone switch
is a high-performance terabit
switch that processes
high-volume traffic stably.

With terabit switching capacity, TiFRONT BS9800 series reliably
handles the surging core network traffic in data centers, campus,
and businesses ensuring business continuity with high failover resilience.
풍부한 L3 라우팅과 가상화(VSU) 기능

Rich L3 routing and
virtualization(VSU) capabilities

최대 12.8 Tbps 스위칭 용량과 9,048 Mpps 패킷 처리

Up to 12.8 Tbps switching
capacity and 9,048 Mpps
packet processing

다양한 패킷 공격으로부터 시스템 보호 (NFPP 및 보안 기능)

Protect your system from
various packet attacks
(NFPP and security features)

과부화와 오동작을 차단하는 CPP 기능

CPP capability to block
overload and malfunction

TiController 관리시스템에서 통합 관리

Integrated management on
TiController management system

표준 랙 장착 가능 (높이 10U 깊이 600mm 이하)

Standard rack mountable

TiFRONT Backbone Switch Features

운영 효율성 향상
Improve operational efficiency
Virtual Switch Unit(VSU) technology simplifies two devices into one logical device to reduce administrative load and link recovery feature ensures uninterrupted transmission
캐리어급 고가용성
Carrier-grade high availability
Redundancy and hot-swap supported of key deployment module such as control engine, power supply, fans, etc.
Non-blocking 스위칭
Non-blocking Switching
Independent switching fabric and control module configuration for greater reliability and greater traffic transmission efficiency
우수한 에너지 효율
Superior energy efficiency
Low voltage power supplies and multi-core CPUs reduce power and ensure durability in high temperatures with smart fans that control temperature and speed

Campus Network Deployment Example

캠퍼스 네트워크 구성 예시

High-speed routing and switching

TiFRONT Backbone Switch