Cloud Managed Networking

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Cloud Managed Networking


Integrated operation for wired/wireless networks,
connected terminals, and internal security

As the access network user and traffic has exponential growth, the security threats also get bigger due to remote working, using personal terminals for work and the access to various applications. However, unlike PC or server security, there is no adequate security solution for access gateway. In addition to that, the awareness of internal network management is low.

TiFRONT is designed to improve the access network with improper management and security blind spot by adding security functions to L2/L3 Switch and Access Point (AP). TiFRONT is designed for the centralized management device installation, troubleshooting, data analysis and security operation on one browser. It is also able to monitor third-party network equipment that has been established.

TiFRONT, Cloud managed networking solution, has advanced into new markets in Korea and Japan. Our key clients are the companies or public institutions managing branches/offices with limited IT resources, and the postsecondary education.

It offers solutions for on-premise Cloud as well as public and private Cloud. IT managed service firms for SOHO/SMB companies are highly satisfied with this service. This service is highly rated as it allows the easy management of multiple customer sites on one browser and automatically issues various security reports.


· Simple installation
· Operation and maintenance


· Data informatization
· Visibility and analysis


· Internal network security
· IP & asset management


· Cloud Service type
· On-premise build-up


· Multi-tenant
· Unlimited expansion


· Easy equipment replacement
· Remote diagnosis