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What Kind of Web Application Firewalls Are You Using? WEBFRONT-K Has Double Effects of Web Security and Load Balancing.



With the rising demand for high-performing web security to manage soaring web traffic and prevent increasing attacks against web service, Hyundai Insurance China realized the importance of adopting web security solution. Especially, the company is looking for the solution that has high efficiency in operation based on simple configuration and easy log analysis on a dashboard.
In addition, the company needed the web security solution that enables load balancing to prevent overload in web servers at the sudden peak of web traffic. At the same time, it is required the security solution that ensures high availability and business continuity based on health check.
It is the common sense that a web application firewall and a load balancer are configured by redundancy when a web security and a load balancing are required. However, Hyundai Insurance China was not happy to purchase two solutions, because it costs a lot. Considering the most appropriate web application firewall solution for its policy setting and operation environment, Hyundai Insurance China chose PIOLINK’s WEBFRONT-K series.

Unlike other web application firewalls, PIOLINK’s WEBFRONT-K was designed based on high-performing switching. PIOLINK could develop such unique, high-performing design because it has a proprietary technology of application transmission networking. PIOLINK also designs and manufactures ADC (Application Delivery Controller), the combination of multiple optimized application transmission technologies.
WEBFRONT-K is the web application firewall designed on ADC based platform in PIOLINK. Therefore, WEBFRONT-K ensures availability, performance and security based on load balancing and offloading without extra load balancers.

The solution that Hyundai Insurance China adopted was double configured with two WEBFRONT-K, each of which had SSL acceleration modules embedded. WEBFRONT-K ensures encryption and decryption without any performance degradation of web servers. With such a strong reliability of web servers, the PIOLINK’s solution enhanced Hyundai Insurance China’s web security by preventing malicious attacks and supervising and identifying the clients’ requests and unauthorized access, and blocking the suspicious access.
In addition, the L7 load balancing of WEBFRONT-K enhanced the reliability of a web server by providing load balancing services for the server. In particular, its redundancy configuration allowed for seamless and reliable services.
PIOLINK’s web application firewall, WEBFRONT-K not just ensured the protection and safety of the web server, but also increased the effectiveness of the datacenter with faster transmission speed of applications and higher server availability.
In particular, PIOLINK’s monitoring solution that provides real-time monitoring and effective log analysis made a device operation more effective and setting security policies much easier for Hyundai Insurance China. Most of all, the simple configuration and the easy application of security polices improved the satisfaction of network operators.