Interoperation with Other Solutions

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TiFRONT with Other Solutions

TiFRONT interoperates with other security solutions to cope with intellect security threats
and enhance user convenience as extended functions. As each professional solution has its own role and character;
it is hard to manage all kinds of security threats with a single product. TiFRONT maximizes the security
by interoperating with security solutions such as McAfee and FirEye, based on a big data analytic platform.

Interoperating with Malicious Code Detection and UTM Solutions
Even though security products for the malicious code detection and UTM, limited to detection,
require downloading a separate agent for blocking, it still has limitation over detecting malicious woven
that is spreading from the inside. TiFRONT interoperates with a professional
detection product to directly block malicious code from network.

*PIOLINK allied with Intel security SIA (Security Innovation Alliance) program and
TiFRONT series integrated with ePO orchestrator as the intel security solution.

TiFRONT with Splunk, Big Data Analytics Platform

If you are operating both Splunk and TiFRONT,
Splunk can display various collected event logs from TiFRONT.
It can support detailed analytic data by a variety of events
in your network like security logs, device logs, and auditing logs,
as well as manage your internal network against security threats.
User managing both TiFRONT and big data solution Splunk can analyze
various log based on big data platform.
Piolink security switch TiFRONT is capable to analyze and to enhance
correspond against internal security threat over access network: security logs,
equipment logs, and audit logs.

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