TiManager Pro Internal Network Centralized Management System

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Centrailzed Management
for Quick Correspondence
to Threats And Errors

Building monitoring system
for internal network

TiMangaer Pro, an exclusive solution for TiFRONT series,
is to analyze a cause and a result of detecting threats and
managing troubleshooting in internal network. It is valuable to
manage security threats and troubles by centralized management
under a large scale deployment of TiFRONT security switches
like a multi-national company.
Building monitoring system
for internal network
TiManager Pro is compatible with TiFRONT series. TiFRONT detects and
blocks malicious traffic from user nodes automatically as a security switch
that is a L2/L3 switch with security features.
TiManager can understand current network status by providing components with monitoring-needed target information, such as collected threat events,
traffic status, trouble and host events from TiFRONT.
Log Analysis on a Big Data Analytics Processor
TiManager Pro based on a big data platform enhances to analyze the collected logs.
It provides various search features to find detailed information like a conditional search
and a search in result.
Forecasting Potential Threats
It detects potential threats in advance to secure your service via discovering
symptom registered in patterns, which are collected information over security
threats, traffic, capacity, and frequency in TiFRONT for a long time.
Data Visualization
It shows a correlation between security logs about top statistical analysis
as 3D analysis or a network topology map.
Through provisioning it can control the dashboard access
by administrators and creates various reports.
User-Friendly Interface
It supports a web based GUI and a customized dashboard on user profiles,
as well as provisioning by administrator and a variety of reports.

TiManager Pro,

appliance, does not require any installation or configuration by default.
It can be scalable for your storage to cope with a regular external audit and massive log data.