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The Modernization of the Internal Information and Communications Network of Jincheon County Office


Jincheon County Office in Chungcheongbuk-do

Jincheon County Office in Chungcheongbuk-do had been concerned about the potential telephone wiretap through ARP Spoofing attack after the installation of VoIP (Internet Telephony) in its network. Managing PCs installed for folks in our county was also difficult and highly vulnerable to security breach because they were used by many of unrecognized people randomly visiting our county. Generation of unnecessary traffic generation often disrupted our network.
Furthermore, fault management and traffic analysis were extremely challenging because we had operated the work group switch separately.
As a solution, Jincheon County Office replaced every switch previously installed inside the county office with PIOLINK TiFRONT Security Switch. We introduced the model featured with L2/L3 switching function and PoE. It enabled to connect VoIP and web CCTV as well as automatically block abnormal traffic coming to our network.
Under this solution, we can centralize our switch management, which is so convenient and efficient.
Now, we also can apply new security policies to each division separately or in group, and the real-time monitoring allowed us to respond any security threats swiftly.
PCs installed in public place are open to unrecognized random users and thus had been vulnerable to the harmful traffic such as malicious programs or DoS attack by Bots. However, after the installation of Security Switch, the traffic overload was greatly reduced, which improved the satisfaction of our county folks for the public services in Jincheon County.