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“Beijing Hyundai and Kia Auto Finance Co.” is an auto finance service provider. As subsidiary of Hyundai Capital the company was founded with joint investment of Hyundai Capital, Hyundai Motor and Beijing Automotive Industry Group (BAIC).

China’s automobile market has grown dramatically since Beijing Olympic Games. However, the financial market was still underdeveloped with the resistance to interest among public and the Chinese government’s strict regulations. In fact, in 2012 when Hyundai Capital China was launched, the auto installation ratio was less than 10% and there was poor data and risk management.
In the underdeveloped auto finance market as such, Hyundai Capital decided to upgrade network and security solution continuously to provide various financial services for customers.
Hyundai Capital improved internet service quality by adopting PAS-K that is PIOLINK’s Application Delivery Controller to use server load balancing (SLB) and gateway load balancing (GWLB). Moreover, PIOLINK utilized ADC’s SSL Offloading for Hyundai Capital’s highly secured HTTPS-based web service. In usual, the encryption environment lowers the effectiveness of network infrastructure and application performance. PIOLINK, however, kept server performance high by storing SSL Certificate in ADC, not in server to enable ADC can convert HTTP into HTTPS.
PAS-K supports SSL acceleration as well as SLB and GWLB. This service provided the sense of fast speed and more stable access environment for users, which improved satisfaction and reliability of client services. Supported by this, Hyundai Capital is seeing the fast increase in revenue, net profit and asset since its entry in China’s auto finance market. It is also making a great contribution to boost the export of Hyundai-Kia Motors in Chinese market.