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Chosun University Strengthens Security by Introducing Cloud Security Switch


Founded in 1946, Korea's first private university

Block harmful traffic
Centralized switch management
Gain visibility/management convenience

Security and management issues have arisen in an environment where many students on a wide campus use their various IT devices to access the network. There was a possibility that malware-infected devices could access school networks while students not knowing that, allowing attackers to access important information such as school finances, personal and academic data base. Students could have connected their personal sharing machines without permission, causing loops and preventing all students from using the Internet due to heavy traffic. In addition, security holes could occur due to poor endpoint and network visibility.


After reviewing several competitive services, PIOLINK's 'TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch' was finally selected. In particular, it was given a good evaluation with the easy management function of the switch's management solution 'TiController'. The TiController can centrally manage the terminals associated with switches installed in multiple buildings, and can use several functions such as NMS, QoS, ESM, and NAC on a single management screen. This allows managers to quickly identify the point of failure and respond quickly. Besides IP management functions can be used without adding options, preventing problems caused by IP conflicts in advance.




Replacing an existing switch with a TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch has made it easy to manage endpoints on the network. In particular, the integrated management solution 'TiController' integrates switch management, terminal management, traffic management, and security, so it can greatly reduce the effort of computer managers. That's why it is an optimal solution when operating large networks with fewer IT management personnel.

Installing TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch dramatically has improved security and visibility to endpoints and networks. After checking which devices are connected to the network, malware can be blocked from the security switch closest to the endpoint. Like this way, managers could prevent internal spread at an early stage, and are able to quickly identify and respond to disorder. Besides, automated IP management has improved mobility, making the network environment for students, professors and faculty much more convenient.