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Full online class started with COVID-19, transmission quality maintained with ADC


Founded in 1966. It is a comprehensive university with 10 departments, including medical, liberal arts and science and engineering, and consists of a total of five campuses in Tokyo, including its main campus, Itabashi.

In Japan, not only elementary, middle, and high schools nationwide, but also universities have suspended face-to-face lectures and conducted full-scale online lectures as a measure to spread new COVID-19 infections.

Tokyo-based Teikyo University is a comprehensive university consisting of five campuses, including its main campus, Itabashi. Since seven years ago, the school has filmed all the lectures and posted them on the server within 15 minutes so that students can review them at any time. However, the video was only available in the school, so the computer room in the school was always full with students studying.

The first semester in Japan will begin in April, and Teikyo decided to switch to a full online lecture under the situation of COVID-19.

Teikyo University introduced the PIOLINK PAS-K to provide nonstop services through traffic load balancing. PAS-K is an application transport controller (ADC) that increases application availability, performance, and scalability.

There are about 6,000 students on the Itabashi campus, especially those in the departments of medicine, pharmacy and medical technology who are desperate for grade management and sensitive to internet service quality. The director of the information center at Teikyo University was satisfied that he had never received any complaints from students and professors that he had not been able to access the class or that he had been cut off in the middle after the introduction of PAS-K.





Teikyo University uses PAS-K only for load balancing equipment, but it also plans to introduce PAS-K for web cache use while strengthening its Internet line and data center infrastructure.

The Covid-19 Emergency Declaration has been lifted and many people are seen on the streets, but online lectures are also available in the second semester. Currently, only about 10 percent of students come to school, and we expect online lectures to continue even if the Corona ends.

Teikyo University will continue to provide the quality of lectures that both teachers and students are satisfied with with PAS-K, which increases the school's long-standing know-how on online lectures and server availability.