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ADC resolves delays in class enrollment caused by heavy traffic



During the class registration period, the registration site often crashes due to heavy traffic, causing major disruptions. To address this issue and ensure high-quality service availability, many institutions have turned to ADC as a solution. ADC can effectively manage traffic flow, reducing server downtime and connection delays. Last year, before the start of the second semester, I opted PAS-K from PIOLINK to upgrade my network and security equipment, and I've been quite satisfied with the results.


The PIOLINK ADC, PAS-K ensures fast and secure transmission of all applications, including mobile and cloud-based services. With layer 4 to layer 7 capabilities, such as load balancing, it improves availability, performance, and security.


Specifically, it ensures service availability during heavy traffic situations by providing reliable services to users and reducing the burden on servers. It also offers high-performance SSL offloading, which means the decoding of SSL is done directly on the servers instead of on separate equipment, reducing processing time.


In Korea, Haeyangdae used ADC SSL acceleration in order to efficiently protect information and make use of additional functions.


PAS-K manages heavy traffic, effectively addressing the issue of system failure. At the same time, we were able to improve service satisfaction by providing students with information pages to wait for access and automatically connecting them when the service became available.