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PIOLINK accelerates expansion in the Japanese market

Press Releases        2024-05-22



"The pace of digital transformation in Japan is accelerating. This has increased the need for corresponding security measures, and there are now Zero Trust technology reports available. Both companies and institutions are now exploring how to implement security solutions. This market is exactly where we are targeting. We will carefully monitor Japan's security policies and expand our market with appropriate technologies."


PIOLINK's Japan branch, established in 2004, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. During this time, the changes in Japan's digital policies are seen as new opportunities, according to Ki-won Oh, the head of PIOLINK Japan, whom I met locally.


The nine employees working in an office overlooking the entire Shinjuku area of Tokyo are spreading PIOLINK's technological prowess throughout Japan. Despite being a small organization, they demonstrated their potential by achieving over 6.5 billion won in sales last year.


PIOLINK is currently accelerating its expansion in the Japanese market with its wired and wireless network security solution 'TiFRONT'. TiFRONT allows integrated management of installation, operation, troubleshooting, and security monitoring tasks in the cloud. Recently, it has expanded its functionality by integrating with firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and other security measures in Japan to implement the Zero Trust model.


The TiFRONT product line consists of 'Security Switches' for wired networks and 'Security Access Points (APs)' for wireless networks. Both models can be managed through the central control service 'TiController'. "The advantage of TiFRONT is that network management can be handled from one place, making installation easy without the need for dispatching personnel. It also regularly provides security reports, ensuring peace of mind in network security management," said Oh.


The Japanese government published guidelines on Zero Trust in 2022 and followed up with a technical report in March this year. With companies and institutions actively seeking Zero Trust solutions, there is an expectation for significant market expansion. "Interest in cyber security in Japan continues to rise, and awareness of network layer security is also spreading," Oh said.



<40,000 clients secured, aiming for 10 billion won in sales this year> 

"Understanding the characteristics of Japanese companies and offering merits is the core of our localization strategy. We respond flexibly to the market through sales strategies demanded by partners, such as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)."


Knowing your opponent is the first step to business success. Oh, who has been with PIOLINK since 2015, emphasized that long-term efforts to solidify partnerships are paying off.


According to Oh, the Japanese market is very conservative. Apart from the outward friendliness, true trust must be built before any doors open. It is hard to win over customers with just a couple of face-to-face meetings, and it takes a long time to build a strong trust relationship.


The high proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises also emphasizes the importance of direct contact. Trusting the company, and considering it a long-term partner, sometimes takes precedence over the functionality of the solution itself, according to Oh.


Is sincerity getting through? The 20 years since the branch was established have been a valuable foundation for promoting the Korean security company PIOLINK. Recognition within the partner ecosystem that helps with market sales and maintenance has also increased. PIOLINK currently has around 40,000 clients in Japan. Since the performance of their solutions has already been proven in Korea, and now they have the trust of their partners, many customers are inevitably attracted.


PIOLINK has penetrated various sectors, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with a shortage of IT managers, retail and franchise companies operating nationwide branches and stores, universities, public institutions, and corporations. They have secured clients from various sectors, including a famous electric company M, Able Lick (formerly Seiko Instruments Semiconductor), and Sharp.


The company expects to achieve 10 billion won in sales in Japan this year. With the continuously growing Japanese security market, they expect synergy by integrating with other security solutions, such as Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).


"I believe that our long-standing presence in Japan ensures that PIOLINK is trusted. We will successfully develop our Japanese business through the integration with good solutions and close cooperation with our headquarters in Korea," Oh concluded.

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