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PIOLINK, selected as 2024 Youth-Friendly company

Media Articles        2024-01-29


The Ministry of Employment and Labor has been selecting youth-friendly small and medium enterprises since 2016, and PIOLINK has been honored to be selected consistently from 2016 to 2024. PIOLINK received excellent evaluations in all areas of the examination, including wages, work-life balance, and job security, from the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

In particular, in 2022, it was selected as the Best Company by Jobplanet Network Security Operators, and in 2023, it was selected as a Work-Life Balance Excellent Company by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.


Youth-friendly Small and Medium Enterprises 


General Enterprises

 Median wage / average wage

3,150,211 won / 3,178,642 won 

 1,198,360 won / 

1,081,433 won

 1,951,851 won / 2,097,209 won

 Youth worker ratio




 New hires (youth)




 Youth employment retention rate




 Tenure of office

1,107 days

 371 days

 736 days

Since 2016, the Ministry of Employment and Labor has been selecting companies to improve young people's perceptions of small and medium-sized enterprises and provide information on high-quality job opportunities. Starting in 2024, the selection size has been reduced reasonably (from 1,000 to 500) and the screening criteria have been strengthened.

In the future, PIOLINK will continue to strive to become a good company for everyone that can enhance the value of happiness and growth for its employees.

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