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Review of the Financial Security FISCON 2023

Media Articles        2023-11-09


 Last November 9th, PIOLINK participated in the Financial Information Security Conference (FISCON) 2023 held at Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul
This event, hosted by the Financial Security Institute, was held under the theme of future financial strategy and 'Financial Security Friendly'.

Recently, the subjects of attack, attack technologies, and targets are showing completely different patterns from the past, so there are growing concerns.
This event was organized to respond to these threats!
Various lectures were held with the purpose of protecting financial systems from evolving cyber threats.

The main lectures were divided into three sections: strategy, technology, and response.
We had a useful time sharing the latest technologies and trends, as well as looking at related cases and suggesting response plans.

PIOLINK mainly introduced web firewall, cloud infrastructure optimization, and integrated security service products and services.

As evidenced by the large number of visitors, the FISCON 2023 ended successfully with high interest in financial security!
Once again, thank you to all the people who visited the booth.

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