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PIOLINK and Korean Security Companies Export Republic of Korea's Cybersecurity Center Model to Kyrgyzstan

Press Releases        2023-11-07


<Kyrgyzstan National Integrated Cyber Center>


PIOLINK (CEO: Cho Young-chul) announced the completion of the construction of the integrated Cybersecurity Center in Kyrgyzstan, with the participation of ICTIS Consortium and Igloo Consortium. This project, conducted as part of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), was designed based on the Republic of Korea's Cybersecurity Center model. Alongside the center's establishment, a handover agreement was signed between KOICA and the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) of Kyrgyzstan.


The Cybersecurity Center, established to serve as Kyrgyzstan's integrated control tower, saw the participation of domestic security companies throughout the entire project process, from the initial planning to design, relevant legal framework improvement, and the establishment of the Cybersecurity Center model. 


The ICTIS Consortium, in which PIOLINK participated as a contractor, secured the project in 2021 and formulated the model and development strategy for the integrated national Cybersecurity Center. Following the consulting results, the Igloo Consortium (Igloo Corporation, T&D Soft) supplied various domestic security equipment, including endpoint security, network security, APT response, SIEM, and played a role in completing the construction of the security monitoring environment.

This project marks the first case where numerous information security companies, including ICTIS(Korea Telecommunications Internet Technology), PIOLINK, SecureOne, IGLOO Corporation, T&D Soft, AhnLab, NPcore, and Sparrow, collaborated to export South Korea's security equipment and cyber threat response technology.


In addition to the establishment of the Cybersecurity Center, ongoing support is planned to ensure the continuous operation of the Republic of Korea's Cybersecurity Center model. This includes activities such as inviting practitioners (SCNS/CERT-KG) for training, international information security standard (ISO 27001) certification, conducting security seminars for government agencies in Kyrgyzstan, and dispatching domestic security monitoring experts for on-site support.

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