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Various Solutions for Cloud Data Center Optimization

PIOLINK optimizes service availability, performance, security,
and management to maximize customers’ cloud business.
PIOLINK provides differentiated user-customized solution by applying product
and service – the outcomes of PIOLINK technology and know-how –
and combine partner’s product and technology as occasion demands.
PIOLINK provides a consulting service for the data center optimization
with the solutions which have been proved by numerous enterprises,
telecommunications service providers, and public institutions.

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(Cloud Networking, Virtualization, ADN, SDN, and NFV)

PIOLINK has a leading-edge technology over ADN (Application Delivery Networking),
SDN (Software-Defined Networking), and NFV (Network Function Virtualization).

Are you planning to build cloud infrastructure?
SDN and NFV ensure agility and usability of IT environment.

PIOLINK provides total solutions like SDN/NFV related consulting,
building infrastructures, education, and maintenance with NAIM Networks
and ATTORESEARCH. We have everything to build next-generation data center.

PIOLINK is expanding network eco-cycle in a domestic market with
successful projects such as telecom, enterprises, and public organizations since 2013.
Open IT infrastructure innovation make it possible to do all about data center optimization.


(Cloud Security, Managed Security, Web Security and Access Security on Big Data Platform)

It requires comprehensive network, combination of detection-analysis-protection,
to correspond with variety of security threats. PIOLINK corresponds to security threats
occurring in all network layers by detecting and blocking web hacking, malicious code,
also confirming and controlling the approaches toward network
that is extend to mobile.

We enhance customers’ business trust through operating security control center to prevent
and correspond an infringement accident. By applying big data based log analysis from
SecuLayer and multi-ware detection based on cloud from SaintSecurity, it enables to quickly
and accurately detect threats.