TiFRONT Backbone Switch

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For Stable and Seamless

Network Service

The backbone switch is a core part of the network system.
The high performance, high availability, and scalability are necessary as huge
amount of traffic needs to be processed after connecting to firewalls,
workgroup switches, and servers.

PIOLINK backbone switch maximizes the availability as it provides stability for
rapidly increasing traffic on the backbone network with the 2.4- and 4-Tbps
switching capacities, high-capacity buffers, and 1 million-line routing feature.
It is possible to maximize the usability as a core device on the network of a data center,
college campus, or corporation, where there are high volumes of traffic.

Moreover, the scalability is increased while decreasing the operating expense,
as various service line cards and operating systems can be used within same series.

A High-Credibility Terabit Switch
Which Provides Safe Network Service Stably.

With the TiFRONT backbone switch, you can achieve the following values.

High availability

Non-Stop Forwarding for the Seamless Service

Upgrading the system without network traffic loss
System troubleshooting without interrupting service
Route flapping / not adding loads on neighboring devices
Reducing the synchronization overhead of the whole network

High-speed routing and switching

  • Switch Fabric: 2.4Tbps
  • Service Line Cards: 6EA
  • - Max. 288 x 1GbE ports
    - Max. 120 x 10GbE ports
    - Max. 12 x 100GbE ports
  • Switch Fabric: 4Tbps
  • Service Line Cards: 10EA
  • - Max. 480 x 1GbE ports
    - Max. 200 x 10GbE ports
    - Max. 20 x 100GbE ports