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Web security,

The Essentials of Preventing.

Web Application Firewall WEBFRONT-K
Bank fraud, confidential information leakage,
cloud service by web hacking
The more web services are popular in our life,
the more web attacks are arising through various hackings.
Nowadays Web Application Firewall (WAF) became an
essential solution to protect web servers from all sorts of
security threats. Recently, market demand over 10Gbps
high-performance has augmented based on expansion of
corporation’s infrastructure and increase of a number of mobile devices.

PIOLINK WEBFRONT-K (Web Application Firewall) prepares from SMB to larger customers, requiring high capacity traffic process and high-reliability, such as telco, finance, and portal. WEBFRONT-K makes you satisfy with web security, web performance, and reliability.

Reliable “Web Application Security”

Fully Correspond OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

WEBFRONT-K is a specialized security solution for web attacks.
WEBFRONT-K deployed in front of webserver examines user service requests and
server responses to pass normal traffics whereas block not only
malicious request – SQL injection, vulnerable authentication and
session management, and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS),
but also to leak credential information like credit card and account number.

PIOLINK High performance Web Application Firewall WEBFRONT-K request and response inspection

Ultimate performance Web Application Firewall
WEBFRONT-K series support stable web service under mission-critical with 20Gbps performance to various customers; Telecom, Finance, Portal, and online/mobile service providers. WEBFRONT-K series guarantee your seamless service with protecting servers under attacking circumstance like DDoS and covering up to 20 million concurrent sessions for massive traffic. It has specialized design to secure web attacks as well as supports stable performance like CPS, TPS, and SSL acceleration.

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High Availability with various deployments
WEBFRONT-K series support flexible deployments to build as meeting on demands. It enhances more availabilities with exclusive deploying modes to customers who are considering of service level guarantee seriously like finance, portal, and game providers.

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Case Studies
  • "For our project of enhancing web firewalls, the most important thing was to choose the right firewall product that can maintain its high performance during SSL encryption and decryption and has low latency and no data loss. Considering such conditions, PIOLINK’s web firewall showed much stronger performance than the products of other companies.”

  • KIWOOM Securities
  • “During the travel peak season, few hundred applications are managed and massive traffic is focused. Existing web application firewall has problem with SSL processing performance so the company introduced WEBFRONT-K as a replacement. Currently WEBFRONT-K is responsible for the entire security of the group of companies, providing reliable and fast web service to A airline users by safely processing SSL traffic even during the peak season.”
  • Online stock trading brokerage considers available and security very important since a website traffic is concentrated at certain times. WEBFRONT-K ensures web security and SSL acceleration better than any other web application firewall. Introducing WEBFRONT-K enabled to provide a reliable service without interruption during trade concentrated times by safely processing SSL traffic from stock trading.
  • “Since our internal web servers have credential information about students and teaching faculty, the security is very critical. WEBFRONT-K series provide stable SSL traffic under concentration like signing up courses on a certain time, as well as web security.”
  • “It is important to secure our service and availability because a lot of traffic is concentrated on a certain period on online stock trading service. WEBFRONT-K series are strong points to support web security and high performance SSL acceleration than others’ WAF. After building it, it provides stable services through performing secured traffic on stock trading, even a certain period which traffic is concentrated.”
  • “With PIOLINK’s web application firewall, we could build the elevated web security environment and enhance the safety and availability of web server based on SSL acceleration and L7 load balancing. In addition, the simple configuration and monitoring solution significantly improved the satisfaction of device operators.”
  • A Insurance

Achieved recognition throughout various business area such as finance, portal, utilities, medical, education, and corporation.

WEBFRONT-K Brochure SSL Technical Report

  • Throughput 600Mbps ~ 20Gbps Full line-up
  • High performance SSL

PLOS: PIOLINK Operating System

PLOS is PIOLINK exclusive operating system. It has various high technologies like security,
High Availability (HA), and virtualization for putting optimized kernel
and ultimate network performance together. PLOS is stable and high performance platform
to support specialized features in each product.

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