PAS-K Application Delivery Controller

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Delivers All Web, Mobile, and Cloud-based Applications

Quickly and Safely, with No Interruptions.

Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is an advanced load
balancer that enhances the application performance to
ensure stability, scalability, and security.

The PAS-K, ADC in PIOLINK, is ideal for organizations
in the fields of finance, education, public organizations,
and telecommunication, with the high performance to
accelerate application delivery and reinforce security.

PAS-K Listed on Magic Quadrant for ADC, Gartner

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Enhanced Application Performance

The key value in PAS-K is to optimize your application on user demands.
It secures your service via supporting user-experienced high speed and stable connection.

Major Features +

Secured Application Delivery
PAS-K provides the load balancing to distribute traffic to servers, firewalls, and VPNs, to maintain server resource and service stability. GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) in PAS-K especially supports to build a disaster recovery center and a cloud data center. Guarantee your business continuity with flexible High Availability modes.

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Application Acceleration
PAS-K provides advanced acceleration features like memory caching, compression, and SSL offloading to enhance your service quality and reduce server overloads.

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DDoS Protection and Network Firewall Features
PAS-K series secure your data and systems from threatening various DDoS like HTTP DDoS, Syn flood, and Syn cookie. Also, it supports basic network firewall features to secure your network like filtering.
The Best Solution for Cloud Infrastructure
It is essential for cloud data center that provides new service and frequent configuration change. PIOLINK is ready to support PAS-KV as appliance and PAS-KS as software.

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Case Studies
  • “PIOLINK enabled Hyundai Capital to provide fast and safe auto finance services from installment to dealer finance its customers in China. Satisfied with PIOLINK’s load balancing and SSL acceleration, Hyundai Capital decided to use those services again. As a result, they contributed to the increase in the sales of Hyundai-Kia Motors in Chinese market.”
  • Beijing Hyundai and Kia Auto Finance Co.
  • Each semester, students use the enrollment system at once causing server overload over the university network. Introducing PIOLINK ADC has ensured network stability and service availability even when traffic is instantly focused over a period of time, and enhanced students’ satisfaction over fast page loading and stable enrollment process. 
  • China Art University
  • HITACHI Electronics Service builds a cloud system and has SSL 2048-bit key for encryption communication for high security. The load on the server that performs the encryption / decryption at high SSL environment is increasing; so the client chose PIOLINK ADC to solve this problem. PIOLINK ADC’s stable SSL offloading enhances cloud service availability and speed corresponding complex encryption algorithm.
  • HITACHI Electronic Services

Choose ADC series based on purpose, service scale, and deployment.

PAS-K White Paper PAS-K Brochure

  • ADC appliance
  • Throughput: 1.5–80Gbps
  • Interface: 1GE, 10GE, 40GE
  • ADC appliance for virtualization
  • Up to 44 multiple virtual instance
  • Software ADC on hypervisor

PLOS: PIOLINK Operating System

PLOS is PIOLINK exclusive operating system. It has various high technologies like security,
High Availability (HA), and virtualization for putting optimized kernel
and ultimate network performance together. PLOS is stable and high performance platform
to support specialized features in each product.

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