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Virtualization is a Foundation for
Cloud Service Architecture.

Virtualization is a foundation for cloud service architecture.
As virtualization ensures a business agility, service quality,
and cost savings – which are what IT departments in most
companies goal for, many companies robustly introduce
virtualization based on its necessaries for cloud computing.
It has rapidly been developed from server and storage fields,
and now it is even expanding over the network
that is considered as an infrastructure resource.
Virtualization is developing from some virtual appliances
divided on a single appliance to software based virtualization.
Data centers are developing into virtualized data centers to
quickly respond to new services and business demands.
By virtualizing main resources – servers, storages, and
network – to manage data center resource pool,
it reduces operating costs, and ensures stable Quality of Service.

Benefits of virtualization – Reduce CAPEX, fast provisioning, and secure service quality Benefits of virtualization – Reduce CAPEX, fast provisioning, and secure service quality

PAS-K supports various customer demands with
virtualization skills based on specialized appliance.

Hardware Virtualization (Multiple Instance)
The higher network device specifications are, the more virtual instances are running. PAS-KV in PIOLINK supports up to44 virtual
instances that are isolated to allocate resources like CPU and memory in each instance, as well as operate each feature, management,
and performance independently. These multi-tenants can respond frequent creations andexpansions in cloud service quickly
and securely.
Virtual ADC on PAS-K hardware in, PAS-KV
Various virtual instances on a virtualized appliance.
Secure their independency and stability between
virtual instances by isolating hardware resources;
CPU and memory.
Suitable for cloud data center, for a portal
that requires independent resources in each service,
and for Enterprise data center that requires to integrate
with its IT infrastructure in each subsidiary.
Software Virtualization (Virtual appliance)
A server virtualization is popular because various features are providing
as virtual appliance. The virtual network infrastructure is suitable
for cloud computing since current appliances cannot support
fast provisioning, flexible configuration, and time & cost efficiency.
Virtual appliance as software can install in
virtual machine or hypervisor of x86 servers
supports various platforms on customer demands.
Virtual appliance on PAS-K software, PAS-KS
Availability on virtual machine as software application
to be installed in x86 servers.
Response to fast business requirements like creating
and deleting virtual servers frequently.
Cost savings: No pay for installation and maintenance,
comparing to purchase an appliance.
Key factor to build Software Defined Datacenter
and Cloud Datacenter that are consist of virtual resource pool,
which is from server and storage to network.