TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch

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Get Management In the Cloud.

Easily, Rapidly, at a Minimum Cost

It can significantly reduce the time and costs of long constructing time, engineer business trip, and complex
management for switch operation.
You don’t need the knowledge of the network.
Now solve the switch management through cloud service.

TiFRONT Cloud Switch is a new concept cloud service product that central administrator can manage all the
switches installed in various sites through cloud from installation to maintenance, failure correspondence.
Cloud Switch is suitable for any size of site such as small business with limited IT resources, large network operating
companies distributed throughout the country, and IT organizations that need to manage a large number of customer sites.

* Public and Private Cloud available

Central Administrators of the Cloud Solve
Solve Overall Switch Installation and Operational Management of Multiple Sites.

Cloud Switch allows you to operate a network with minimal capital and human resources in quickly expanded and complicated enterprise IT environment. If efficient management was hard because of complex management, long working hours and limited IT expertise, you can achieve the same value below via PIOLINK Cloud Switch.

Central Administrators Centrally Manage Multiple Sites with Web Browser.
Easy to Expand from a Small to
Large scale of Networks
Save Time & Cost
Save Time and Cost via Simple
Installation and Reduced Resources
Convenient Installation and Scalability
Make it simple to centrally manage such as switch setting, operation, and troubleshooting in the cloud. Simple click on cloud base GUI can configure a port, a switching function, and a security policy instead of difficult CLI commands. Multiple cloud switches from the same network not only easily manage a batch configuration as a single switch like WLAN, STP, and PoE but also minimize investments of time and resources. In addition, it can be scalable easily and reduce building time owing to pre-configuration on a cloud regardless of physical switches.
Easy Operation and Maintenance
It manages real time monitoring of a connection status between terminal and switch all the time at anywhere. By Indicating a location of switches on a map and further explanation, you can quickly respond to security threats and failures also can be supported by remote access when a trouble has occurred. Furthermore, since the configuration of existing switches stored in the cloud can be immediately applied, it can be reduced the hassle of maintenance when replacing to a new switch.
Outstanding Network Visibility
It identifies PCs connected to the Cloud Switch as well as connected laptops, smart phones and mobile devices. Cloud Switch optimizes network performance by specifying the traffic priority for the business / non-business based on the information acquired from IP / MAC addresses, port information and the like showing who, when, what devices and how much traffic is used.
Block Malicious Traffic and Unauthorized Terminal Access Control (Option)
Through optionally provided security function, it corresponds to weak access network security on BYOD environment. The cloud switch ensures secured internal network by automatically blocking malicious traffic from user terminals, preventing extortion of account information and call eavesdropping attacks, and network access control based on IP/MAC addresses.
Case Studies
  • “클라우드 보안스위치는 보안관제 역할을 합니다.
    특히 IT 관리자가 없어 네트워크와 보안을 방치하는 소규모 고객에게 매월 보안 보고서를 제공하여 고객 만족도를 높였습니다.” 
  • [일본] IT 솔루션/서비스 기업

It is ideal for enterprise or IT management Services
Company with subsidiaries and headquarters.

  • Support total 28 ports
  • 24 x 1GbE Copper ports
    (4 x Dual media 1GbE Fiber ports)
  • 4 x 1GbE Fiber ports (SFP)
  • PoE+, Dual power etc.
  • Support total 52 ports
  • 48 x 1GbE Copper ports
  • 4 x 10GbE Fiber ports (SFP+)
  • PoE+, Dual power etc.

PLOS: PIOLINK Operating System.

PLOS is PIOLINK exclusive operating system. It has various high technologies like security,
High Availability (HA), and virtualization for putting optimized kernel
and ultimate network performance together. PLOS is stable and high performance platform
to support specialized features in each product.

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