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PIOLINK participated in 'Data Grand Partnership 2018'

Event        2018-11-30


PIOLINK participated in 'Data Grand Partnership 2018' event with its Malaysian partner customers. The Data Grand Partnership is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communication and hosted by Korea Data Development Agency.

The event is a business venue designed to support overseas clients and partners to build partnerships with domestic top-tier companies and to achieve overseas expansion. Participants are companies in Korea 'K-Global Data Global Business' and overseas clients and partners of overseas companies. PIOLINK has participated as a business execution company.

The Malaysian customers and partners attending with PIOLINK are AGRO Bank, a customer of PAS-K, and Peri Technology, a Malaysian regional partner.

The event was filled with seminars, corporate trips and B2B meetings for 4 nights and 5 days from November 18th to 22nd. On the 19th and 21st, they held the Data Grand Conference on corporate visit and cultural experience on the 20th. There were individual meetings for each company.

On November 21, PIOLINK invited 17 overseas buyers to PIOLINK headquarters.
▲ Introduction of companies and solutions ▲ Visit to integrated security control center ▲ Introduction of cyber security case ▲ Introduction of domestic and foreign reference and business success case.

Young C. Cho, president of PIOLINK, said, "We are delighted to be able to attend seminars to support the overseas expansion of domestic solutions. Through continued exchange and active cooperation with our partners and customers, I will take meaningful growth of the business.”

Meanwhile, PIOLINK will also be selected as an e-government exhibition project conducted by the Korea IT Promotion Agency, and a corporate PR zone will be established and promoted.

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