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Security Days Fall 2018

Event        2018-10-16


Security Days is a security conference held in spring and fall, in major cities in Japan.

PIOLINK participated in Security Days last spring and this fall also.

The fall event was held in Osaka on the 1st, and it was held in Tokyo from 3rd to 5th, and more than 10,000 people attended the event in Tokyo.

PIOLINK has exhibited its TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch.

TiController, the TiFRONT management system, demonstrated remote management, configuration, interlocking and alarming of the switch. TiController can be installed in both cloud type and on-premise type.

The sales manager of the Japan office announced the session on the 4th in Tokyo event held from the 3rd to the 5th.

The topic is 'Internal security that can cope with the network'.

The lecture covered the threats that spread to the inside, in particular the need for countermeasures against Ransomware, the types of internal threats, how they spread, and security measures at the network level.

And it provided solutions for complex management and security problems that IT staff is worried about.

The event attracted many customers who visited the PIOLINK booth rather than last spring.

Visitors had a lot of interest and questions about internal network security measures and solutions.

Some commented that they wanted to apply TiFRONT to their business or to introduce it to their dealers.

In the last spring, many people were only interested in office security.

However, this time, IoT, IP camera and related control system and security concerns were high.


TiFRONT Cloud Security Switch closely monitors connection terminals, traffic, etc., and blocks unauthorized terminal access and network spread of Ransomware and harmful traffic.

Visitor responded positively to the Cloud Security Switch with its internal network security solution, which allowed the booth operation to be successfully completed.


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