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PIOLINK Releases the Switch for CCTVs

Press Releases        2018-08-31

with the Common Criteria for the Internal Network Security and Management of IP Camera Passwords


August 21, 2018
PIOLINK announced that they had released the switch for CCTVs. This product is Common Criteria certified, and is a switch specialized for internal network security and IP camera password management.


IP cameras are not only for security purposes but also as a big data collecting sensor, combined with AI-based image recognition and image analysis technology, thus increasing industrial utilization. As CCTV networks expanded, security threats increased, and IP camera hacking became frequent. Even if the network is separated for security, it is necessary to prepare countermeasures for cases of ransomware or bots which can affect the system with problems on the network or hijacking IP cameras. 


PIOLINK identified the vulnerability of the IP camera environment and announced the switch for CCTV that supports ▲ malicious traffic blocking, ▲ access control, ▲ IP camera password management. 


One of the key features of switches for CCTV is preventing malicious traffic from spreading over. The switch for CCTV minimizes the damage by preventing the spread of ransomware over the network through IP cameras. Also, DoS traffic which use IP cameras and IoT devices as bots is blocked. It is necessary to pay attention on these attacks as they can cause problems with excessive traffic not only to the target site but also to the internal network. 


Also, you can block malicious access to the internal network as well as access of unauthorized devices. Private information and confidential information of the corporation can be protected by blocking ARP spoofing attacks that intercept IP camera video and monitoring screens. In addition, IP/MAC of cameras and PCs are checked for forgery, and if it is not a registered device, it blocks internal network access and prevents hacking attacks and screen captures. 


And you can manage passwords of IP cameras. Because IP cameras can be accessed by anyone who knows the IP address, it is necessary to change the password of each camera or periodically to prevent hacking attacks. The Government of South Korea also announced the “IP camera security measures” last year, and emphasized the importance of changing passwords. However, there are work efficiency problems such as time and manpower in password management of hundreds of cameras. PIOLINK has developed TiController which is a management system of switches for CCTVs to manage the passwords of cameras integratedly. TiController provides various convenient features such as information, location, and status monitoring of IP cameras. 



In addition, high availability with Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), PoE+ to provide stable power to high-performance cameras, and high durability (MTBF of 100,000 hours) ensure consistent stability with standards for the CCTV

“The switch for CCTV is based on the latest network environment analysis, development experience accumulated through security switches and cloud security switches, and understanding of security and technology,” said Kyeong Heon Lee, head of the Business Planning Division. “We will continue to expand our switch lineup to accommodate market requirements for security in the smart factory environment.”


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