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PIOLINK’s Cloud Switch Becomes a Hit in Japan More Than 2000 Units Are Expected to Be Sold This Year

Media Articles        2018-07-27



PIOLINK’s Cloud Switch is recording a high sale in Japan.

As a switch which supports the cloud-based management along with security features, it has reached public institutes as well as retail service providers with branches and shops over the country along with SMEs.

Less than a year of entering the market in Japan, the total number of units sold became more than 2000. PIOLINK expects to sell 2000 or more units this year.

PIOLINK’s Cloud Switch is a security switch with the managed service based on TiController, the cloud management system. Along with the Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching features, security features are available for the internal network by detecting and blocking malicious traffic automatically. Moreover, TiController supports more convenience in installation and remote management along with the visibility on the network.

The PIOLINK authorized distributor in Japan, PSI has provided TiController cloud management system as the centralized management environments for small and medium-sized SOHO companies which have not enough IT managers or no experts. A partner company, IVRESS sells and supports installation of products with PSI.

Based on this, PIOLINK has extended their cloud management service by leasing units and providing service along with over 2000 units of security switches installed at various sites over Japan since the second half of last year.

General Manager Ogura Tsutomu from the Security Solution Business Department of PSI recently visited the headquarters of PIOLINK in Seoul, and considered the reason of the growth in sales of Cloud Switch as the convenience in the installation and management while mentioning “Cloud Security Switch is a product that has never existed before”.

 “Even for small and medium-sized companies which do not own proper network management environments, it is very convenient to install the system without engineers,” he stated, “when there are problems, clients and our engineers can respond by logging in to the cloud system.”

He also added, “As reports are sent every month, our clients are satisfied pretty much as they consider that they are taken care of.”

Cloud Switch provides all management services from installation to troubleshooting from a remote place if the power supply and network connection are available. According to PIOLINK, the intuitive GUI helps you complete processes with several clicks without typing in complicated commands on the CLI.

The managed service is available for small and medium-sized companies which are not capable of hiring IT managers due to the cost, and the centralized network management is available for large companies which have branches or factories over a number of places. The management cost can be saved a lot as it is not necessary to dispatch engineers to remote branches and factories for installing network switches or troubleshooting.

If Cloud Switch is installed, you can check the statuses of multiple networks and connected devices in real time. If there are any problems on the network, you can instantly check and solve them remotely by using the mobile app or computer.

Security features are also strengths. You can efficiently respond to internal network threats as the switch (as a fundamental component of a network) detects and blocks malicious traffic automatically. With the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol, it is possible to detect attacks and stop damages of automatically spread ransomware, ARP spoofing, DDoS on internal/external networks and systems, and host scanning attempts which communicate with a C&C (Command & Control) server.

Along with notices on attacks which have been automatically blocked by Cloud Switch, daily security reports are delivered with the details on the statuses of detecting attacks, numbers of attacks, attackers’ IP addresses, and targeted devices.

Mr. Ogura commented, “Along with the transmission service with network devices, security issues are emerging. On Cloud Switch, security features which were not supported by legacy switches are available. More importantly, Cloud Switch can be a solution for the security of a company’s internal network as this focuses more on security while considering Layer 2 network security,” and he added, “another strength is that this can detect protocol anomaly attacks which cannot be detected by other UTM security solutions.”
PSI’s target is to increase the number of customers for Cloud Switch up to 30,000 sites in three years. They also plan to add more partners, and increase the number of actual cases and sales continuously.

As the sales in the market of Japan are favorable, PIOLINK increased their sales goal.

Head of Global Business Department Sangwon Moon who is in charge of the sales mainly in Japan noted, “The sales in the first half of this year exceeded the amount of last year,” and he added “as more than 150 units are sold each month continuously, the amount of total sales of Cloud Switch is expected to surpass 2000 units.”

He also emphasized, “Mainly focusing on Cloud Switch, we plan to accomplish the sales of 2.5 billion won in Japan, and expand the amount of sales up to 5 billion won until 2020.”


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