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PIOLINK as a Youth-Friendly and Small-But-Strong Company

Press Releases        2018-04-19

Stable Employment along with the Corporate Culture of Enjoying the Work and Life Balance


Like the last year, PIOLINK (CEO Young C. Cho) has been selected as a “youth-friendly and small-but-strong company” by the Ministry of Employment and Labor once again.


The “youth-friendly and small-but-strong company” is a system which is granted to middle- or small-sized companies which create high-quality jobs while maintaining high credibility levels and strong financial structures. Especially, this is for recommending companies to young people according to various categories such as the wage, work-life balance, and employment stability.


As a company listed on KOSDAQ, PIOLINK has continued their business in the fields of the network and security for 18 years. By providing full-time positions only since their foundation, the employment is stable with the average working years as “5” and the percentage of employees working more than 10 years as 17%.


With the recommendation on using vacations and leaving the office on time, single employees as well as employees with children are satisfied. A free fitness center, breakfasts, snacks are available for all employees with the medical insurance for employees and their families for their health and stable life. Moreover, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and family events are supported along with the long-term loans with low interest rates, rewards for long-term employees, and rewards for recommending new people to available positions.


In addition, external classes are recommended for the employees to enhance their abilities. The PIOLINK Academy is available for sharing various information besides work-related know-how. For hobbies, clubs are supported, and condominiums and welfare points are systemized.




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