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Strengthening Business in China with SNET China as a Distributor

Press Releases        2018-04-17

After the Success in Japan, the Cloud Security Switch Enters the Chinese Market

On April 17, PIOLINK announced that they started strengthening their business in the Chinese market after contracting a distributorship with SNET China. 


As SNET System’s corporation in China, SNET China is currently providing supports with security solutions and technologies of networks, based on large corporations, financial institutions, and manufacturers such as Samsung Display and Samsung Semiconductor who have entered China. Moreover, they provide the maintenance service for the PIOLINK products at the Hyundai Capital.


Both these companies are trying to expand their business in China with strategies based on the product reliability and sales competitiveness they have established. Especially, they plan to start new business in China according to the experience of continuously increasing sales in Japan, with the Cloud Security Switch.


Due to the vastness, it is difficult to manage networks in China as it takes long time to have business trips, take transportations, and allocate employees. The Cloud Security Switch can be the best answer for companies to manage a number of branches or factories, remotely from the center. As this solution can automatically detect and block malicious traffic or ransomware that spread over the network in forms of worm viruses, it is possible to prepare security plans for internal networks.


By providing the optimized network security solution with SNET China who are well known for their technical and service performances, PIOLINK expects to increase their sales in China. After Japanese and Chinese markets, PIOLINK plans to motivate their sales in Asian markets, starting from Vietnam and Indonesia. 

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