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PIOLINK’s Web Application Firewall Is Registered on AWS Marketplace.

Press Releases        2017-11-27




PIOLINK (, CEO  Young C. Cho) started the service after registering its web application firewall on AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace.


This web application firewall service  is based on the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) method. The AWS user can install the AMI on an Amazon EC2 instance and purchase a service license from PIOLINK. This service is supported on AWS IaaS, with full technical support from the vender. 

WEBFRONT-KS is registered on AWS Marketplace while focusing on the web security  to block or prevent hacking, information disclosures, unauthorized logins, and website forgeries. You can enjoy the benefits of the same level of security features with the less capital and operating expenditures compare to high-end appliances.  


As each corporate IT infrastructure is moving to the cloud, PIOLINK is already providing the virtualized versions of solutions for the customers worldwide. The solutions from PIOLINK support various hypervisors such as VMware, Xen, and KVM, with a plan to widen the number of choices on more platforms for the customers.



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