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PIOLINK Releases Its New Cost Effective ADC Model

Press Releases        2017-10-25

This 1U device supports various port types, redundant power supplies, hot-swappable fans, and high-performance SSL

To reduce the companies burden of investing on the network security due to the advancement of the IT infrastructures and the increase of encrypted traffic, PIOLINK released 1U-ADC (Application Delivery Controller) models of PAS-K1800/K3200/K3600/K4300 to meet the demand on the high performance (from 2 Gbps to 18 Gbps) and less power usage. Even for the 1U models, the options are available with various types of ports, redundant power supplies, hot-swappable fans, and the SSL process with the high performance. 



First of all, these new models support the ports from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps for various services. As the IT infrastructure has been advanced with the wide usage of 10-Gbps ports, companies have the burden of installing high-end models with 10-Gbps ports. As PIOLINK’s PAS-K supports 10-Gbps ports even on the low-end models, it is possible to reduce the cost. Moreover, there is a benefit of no need on purchasing additional switches for the connection to other servers and network devices as PAS-K supports 22 ports, compare to the fact that the models of the same levels from other companies support only 10 or more ports.


Next, PIOLINK has increased the credibility on the seamless service with the redundant power supplies for all of its 1U models for the first time in the market. Most of the time, manufacturers ask for additional costs for the redundant power system on the low-end models or do not support it. The new PAS-K models provide more stability and convenience with the default hot-swapping modes on the power supplies and fans. This hot-swapping option can be handy as no additional steps are required after replacing the fan modules, especially for the data centers where there is a lot of fine dust. 


Third, SSL offload performance is enhanced for the encryption and decryption, as one of the ADC’s default features. The SSL is widely used as the encryption method on 1) the websites with the HTTPS for the fields of the online commerce, medical service, and financial institutes and 2) the PCI DSS. As there are more tendencies to the ECC algorithm which can increase the security level with smaller keys compare to the RSA-based 2048-bit public keys, it is forecasted to become more convenient to manage SSL traffic. The amount of SSL traffic will be increased a lot more between servers and their clients. Therefore, the performance of the networks with the application security is becoming a hot issue. 


The leader of PIOLINK’s Business Planning division, Kyeong Heon Lee noted “A lot of companies are worrying about purchasing additional SSL decryption devices as the increase on the encrypted traffic is causing delays on their service. In other countries, ADCs are deployed at the front parts of servers to process SSL traffic while increasing the speed and balancing the loads. It has been more than 10 years that we released the ADC models with the SSL offloading feature.” He added “With the architecture for the high performance, PAS-K supports the best features compare to the same levels of the competitors’ models for processing SSL traffic as well as reducing the loads on servers without the burden of purchasing additional devices.” 


He emphasized “The new models of PAS-K are deigned to meet the various needs of the customers with more features and performance while saving the cost of the customers’ investment on their IT infrastructures. Along with the least power consumption and compactness compare to the competitors’ models, you can save the operation cost and minimize the installation space. PAS-K is the key device with the most cost efficiency on the acceleration, SSL offloading, and security for the traffic control and performance enhancement of the data centers.” 



As PAS-K acquired the Common Criteria for the first time among the network devices from Korea, you can utilize the security of network devices while be exempted from the essential steps of the security verification scheme for the government and public institutions.


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