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For the SDDC which also Redefines the Engineers’ Rights and Interests

Media Articles        2017-09-26

PIOLINK’s CEO states “This is the first year for spreading the SDDC.”

The SDDC (software-defined data center) is a big issue for the recent world of the industry. Basically, the goal of the SDDC is using the software-defined technology for constructing and operating data centers to overcome the inefficiency and troubles of the legacy systems. 


Originally, the SDDC is from the SDN (Software-defined networking) technology. By replacing the network hardware with commodity devices, the goal was to distribute networking software regardless of the systems from specific vendors. This main idea was expanded to the field of the servers and storage systems. Eventually, the idea on the SDS (software-defined storage) has moved to the SDDC. 


As the result, the SDDC became the newest format of defining the data center system. Now, it is possible to manage all resources for computing, networking, and storing by joining or separating each part anytime. Thnks to this, there have been various changes on the business flow. 


This “software-defined” tendency also redefines the time of deploying devices. Previously, the engineers had to enter the data center to change the physical links on the ports. It was necessary to check the location of each switch, find the cables linked to the ports, plug them out, and plug them in to other ports manually. Now, it takes just several clicks on the mouse of a PC with the SDDC. 


Most engineers had to spend big portions of their time on maintaining and repairing hardware systems. However, they can concentrate more on high-level jobs such as preparing more efficient methods of the operation. More money can be saved for the technology intensive operation as the engineers can focus on their jobs more intelligently. 


With the SDDC, the engineers can fulfill their roles for managing data centers instead of wasting their efforts on simple jobs. In other words, the SDDC means redifining the engineers’ rights and interests after overcoming the poor IT environments. 


It has been 10 years since the idea of “SDx”, and this is the first year of spreading the SDDC. There are a series of bright sides. Starting from the public organizations, a lot of companies and institutes are ready to shift to the SDDC. A number of device manufacturers are changing the bases of their organizations and products to the SDDC. 


In korea, there still are some companies and organizations where the CIOs cannot appeal for the SDx. However, if these companies and organizations keep ignoring their CIOs’ suggestions, they will be left behind. 

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