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PIOLINK Cloud Switch: the Consumers' Best Recommended Product in the First Half of 2017

Media Articles        2017-07-24

PIOLINK Cloud Switch is selected as the consumers' best recommended product in the first half of 2017. 


PIOLINK Cloud Switch is the total network management system on the cloud. 



Generally, for the network installation and management, additional time and cost were necessary for IT human resources to be dispatched and analyze causes. With the Cloud Switch, the superuser can solve the problems on the installation and maintenance with the management system as well as the application on the smartphone, remotely and conveniently.

By previously uploading the network structure and device configurations on the cloud, the superuser can complete the role. When the Cloud Switch is connected to the Internet by plugging in the LAN line to or tethering a smartphone on the port, the configurations are automatically distributed and applied. 



The Cloud Switch can distinguish and manage all types of linked devices such as personal computers, wireless routers, and printers. The IT resource can be managed as it is possible check the details of: IP addresses, MAC addresses, users, devices, manufacturers, OS versions, and traffic usage. Priorities can be configured on the work-related traffic and the others to maximize the network performance.
While emphasizing the importance of the security for internal networks and proving it with a number of case studies, PIOLINK has added the security features on their Cloud Switch for internal networks. It is possible to detect and block various attacks originating from user devices and prevent online threats. The Cloud Switch can maximize the efficiency of the network.


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