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Reconsideration of the Security Switch as Internal Threats Increase

Press Releases        2017-07-01

More Need for Active Countermeasures on the Networks near Users PIOLINK Security Switch can Block Attacks on SMB Vulnerabilities

As there had been incidents involving the corporate network, the internal network security became more important. PIOLINK (, President Young C. Cho) presented its Security Switch as the optimal solution after stating that there should be more active countermeasures for the security at the network level w글쓰기hich is near to users.


WannaCry is the ransomware which aimed at vulnerabilities of the SMB shared folders. The threat can be spread over the whole network as the attacks are initiated from the inside of the network and PCs are affected. As the number of security threats from internal networks is increasing along with the possibility of variants, PIOLINK Security Switch is considered to be one of the best solutions for preventing attacks which are started from user devices. 



The Security Switch can be installed on the network which is nearest to user devices such as wireless routers. Along with the Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching features, this can block malicious traffic, protect private identity information, and prevent tapping and eavesdropping.

Especially, with the feature of controlling abnormal SMB traffic, PIOLINK Security Switch can block the attacks on the SMB vulnerabilities while preventing the spread of attacks throughout the network. 


Kyeong Heon Lee, the head of the Business Planning Division, stated “For the security of corporate networks, it is important to update each person’s computer. However, the security cannot be maintained if this becomes the individual’s role. There should be more effective countermeasures as almost all people use wireless devices along with their computers,” and emphasized, “PIOLINK Security Switch is the optimal solution to prepare the networks to respond to various forms of attacks on both wired and wireless devices.” 

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