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How can Software from Korea Succeed in the Japanese Market?

Media Articles        2017-06-20

President Young C. Cho  of PIOLINK talked about his impression after participating in the Japan IT Week and advancing into the Japanese Market. How did they succeed in entering this fascinating Japanese software market?


What is your impression on the Japan IT Week? 

- I think Abenomics has succeeded in some ways. Compare to the skepticism on its growth about 2 to 3 years ago, I could feel that the Japanese economy has been stimulated this year. Due to the My Number-related fraud last year, the security section of the market seems to be growing continuously.


What should be focused on while entering the Japanese Market? 

- First of all, you have to invest continuously with different strategies. Especially, you should use various strategies according to the partners’ products and sizes. A couple of tips can be searching partners by segmenting the market and finding the most appropriate partners and custom
ers for your company’s solution. Moreover, you must provide perfection on planning along with the user interfaces and documents as the customers of this market are picky. After understanding these characteristics, you should invest and work with partners strategically.




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