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“Delays on the Registration Service, the ADC Can Be a Neat Solution of the Network Congestion!”

Media Articles        2017-04-24

As there had been troubles of crashes with congestion on the registration website, Korea Maritime and Ocean University introduced PAS-K to guarantee the stability and quality of service by enhancing the availability. PAS-K is the ADC from PIOLINK which can prevent various troubles on the network, such as delaying the connection speed of the users or even crashing the website service.

“We started looking for the best ADC which supports the HTTPS encryption with the features for Layer 7,” Mr. Sung-woo Min from the network operation team of the University Computing Center stated, and he explained, “Especially, we wanted to check for the details such as load balancing service for Layer 7 with more accuracy based on domains and URLs, along with the quick SSL offloading feature in the encrypted environment to protect academic records and private information.”


Then he added, “While checking the features of the ADCs from a number of companies, we selected PIOLINK’s PAS-K as this seemed to provide the most appropriate features with the active technical assistance. We could trust PAS-K as we had been satisfied with the stability of PAS, the previous model.”


With the advanced Layer 7 features which guarantee the availability of service, PAS-K has the advantage of reducing the load of servers even when there is traffic congestion. The users can enjoy the improved speed of loading service on their web browsers as PAS-K optimizes the processes of compiling JavaScripts, CSS, image files, and HTML resources.


Not only that, As PAS-K’s high-performance “SSL offloading” feature supports both the encryption and decryption of SSL traffic instead of servers, there is no need of deploying an additional device for the SSL decryption. Along with this feature, Korea Maritime and Ocean University efficiently uses the SSL acceleration feature to protect their academic records after adding it.


As a couple of examples, PAS-K’s advanced Layer 7 features of the “Surge Protection” and “Sure Connection” are essential for unexpected traffic congestion which exceeds the capacity of the servers. (e.g. selling tickets for a concert or train seats for holidays, supporting the service for the annual tax return and college course registration)


When there is traffic congestion, the servers can be protected from crashing as PAS-K balances loads properly. If there are more requests than the threshold, a screen pops up to indicate the estimated time left until the connection, along with the number of people who are waiting. When the service becomes available, the user is automatically connected.



Mr. Min expressed the satisfaction by saying, “To efficiently control the rapidly increasing amount of traffic during the registration periods, it is crucial to configure the thresholds after analyzing the performance of each web server. The engineers of PIOLINK have supported us by analyzing the traffic flow and the performance of servers, introducing the “traffic-congestion controlling” feature as well as the “Sure Connection” feature in detail, and improving the structure of our network for more efficiency. As PIOLINK designs, develops, and manufactures the ADC with their proprietary technology, they can accept the requests from their customers as many as possible, and respond to these requests quickly.”

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