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An Engineer’s Review on the PEC 2017

Event        2017-03-23


As the annual event for PIOLINK’s partner engineers, the PEC 2017 was held for the thirteenth year to improve the technical abilities as well as the reliability.

*This article is a review by Yongjoon Choi from PIOLINK’s Technical Assistance Team.

It was very cold when this year’s PEC (PIOLINK Engineer Conference) was held from February 9 to February 10 at Daemyung Vivaldi Park. Everybody was excited to spend a couple of days, full of events with partner engineers.
With the lectures from PIOLINK’s directors, everybody could learn about the current solutions more easily. These directors demonstrated their passions on the new solution of TiFRONT Cloud Switch as well as debugging hardware and software. After this, there were sessions about the last year’s issues, about new features, and on watching booths for each product of PIOLINK. Most participants showed interests on TiFRONT Cloud Switch, which had not been emphasized enough, with tons of questions at the booth.
There was an hour of the game, “Express It with Your Body”. With this event, everybody could become closer with the laughter of joy as the engineers participated very actively.

As the last part of the event, there were the director of the Technical Assistance Team’s announcement on the new policies for this year’s technology as well as the awards ceremony and dinner for 2016’s achievements. Everybody also had a meaningful chance of sharing the points to be improved.
After watching the partner engineers — who had devoted themselves at their positions last year — greeting each other and sharing opinions during this event, I promised myself to participate in more as the host of this event for the next year. It was a great chance to witness the passion of PIOLINK’s partner engineers while healing each other’s body and mind. I appreciate for PIOLINK’s directors with their honor of participating in the PEC for two years in a row. I also would like to thank PIOLINK’s partner engineers for their passion on this event.


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