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IT Story That We Share: “Processing SSL Traffic? The ADC Can!”

Press Releases        2017-03-22

Compare to the International Trend, the Domestic View Must Be Changed

PIOLINK Has Exported the ADC with the SSL Offloading Feature to Japan for More Than 10 Years

“Our web site was down because the servers had to process the SSL traffic while there was a sudden increase in the number of users.”
“Do we have to purchase an additional device for decrypting SSL traffic?”

To enhance the security of the generally used protocol of the HTTP, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has supported the HTTPS. As this is for encrypting the traffic between users’ web browsers and web servers, the HTTPS is applied for important processes such as: logging in, entering personal information, and purchasing products and services. The URLs of these websites begin with “https://”, and most websites support this in the fields of financial services, online shopping, and e-government services.


[Secure Websites with the SSL, Beginning with “https://”]
If SSL traffic is encrypted and decrypted on the servers, the load is increased exponentially when more users try to log in. As the result, there can be troubles of delaying or stopping connections. At this point, there are the needs on a solution which can process SSL traffic instead. “SSL offloading” is the answer.
However, there still are not many people — maybe almost no one — who think of the ADC as the solution with the offloading feature. This is one of the features that the ADC has supported for a long time. For PIOLINK, it has been more than ten years since developing and applying this feature. Yet, relating the SSL offloading feature with the ADC is a bit awkward in several countries.

[Instead of the Servers, the ADC Can Process SSL Traffic]
The ADC is considered as another name for the load balancer. Literally, the main role of this device is to maintain the continuity of service by effectively balancing the load on crucial devices such as servers and security devices at the point where main traffic flows in a data center. The history of applying the SSL offloading feature has been quite long as this feature was added on PIOLINK’s ADC ten years ago. The fact that more than the half of PIOLINK’s ADCs for the Japanese market include the SSL offloading feature indicates that this feature is very crucial. On the other hand, it is just like a beginning in the Korean market. There are a lot of regrets and responsibilities as there has been a gap between PIOLINK’s “which features would be obvious” and the customers’ “which features we really want”.
With better technology, the world can become safer and more convenient. To do so, we think of sharing the existence of useful methods and features while listening to the voice of customers more for applying our technology and concentrating more on developing products which can help people.
The SSL is one of PIOLINK’s specialties. With more than ten years of experience, the SSL offloading feature is available on both the ADC and web application firewall of PIOLINK. As there are more cases of applying the SSL with more needs for various web services, PIOLINK will feel more responsibilities socially with more fulfillment.
If there are any troubles on processing SSL traffic, you just need to add the SSL offloading feature to the ADC on your network.






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