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PIOLINK aims for the Financial Sector in Iranian Market

Press Releases        2017-02-27


PIOLINK (CEO: Young C Cho) is entering the security market of the financial sector in Iran after signing a partnership contract with NetSSA (CEO: Hutan Raska).

As a networking company for numerous financial institutions in Iran, NetSSA focuses on the load balancer, WLAN, and bandwidth management solution. With this partnership, PIOLINK is planning a promotional event with their TiFRONT Security Switch to spread the importance of the security over the financial sector.

TiFRONT Security Switch is an access security switch that ensures the safety with the security features for switches and user devices within an internal network. With its total monitoring feature, you can actively respond to various security threats (which flow into the upper levels of the network), as the statuses of traffic and troubles are displayed clearly.

With their rich experience in the East Asian market, PIOLINK is actively advertising their name in the Middle East market. As the result, it has been possible to install their application delivery controller at a national telecommunications service provider in this part of the continent.

James Lee, who is the managing director of the Global Business Division of PIOLINK, stated, “There will be a boom of the new network deployment projects as the need is arising in underdeveloped sectors of the industry. With our partner, we plan to gain more competitiveness in the sectors of financial institutions, telecommunications service providers, and public institutions. Our goal is to bring benefits to each country’s market by customizing the performance and features.”

PIOLINK is currently providing their solutions for the cloud data center optimization in nine countries, including Japan and China.


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