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SDN - Fast, Easy and Convenient Network Management

High-Performance SDN switch

TiFLOW is developed with PIOLINK application switching
technologies and a patent OpenFlow process.
Compare to other SDN switch, TiFLOW is an Independent
high-performance platform that ensures high-capacity
and fast flow processing.

TiFLOW is a fundamental solution to compose
Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) which is the next
generation datacenter. It will bring about datacenter innovation
through composing flexible network for user customized
programming and high-performance flow process.
Fast and Convenient Network Management
Accelerated network operation on OpenFlow
Build a large-scale network with high performance and capacity flow
User-Defined Software
Programmable network design and management
The fastest cloud service on a flow base

Simplification and Automation
Simplification and automation with centralized controller
Prior human error removal and risk reduction
Secured Network Visibility
Consistent policy configuration by individual
Compatible with various vendor controllers

TiFLOW, High-performance SDN switch on OpenFlow 1.3 Protocol

  • 16 x 1GbE Fiber (SFP) ports
  • 8 x 1GbE Copper ports
  • 16 x 10GbE Fiber (SFP+) ports
  • 8 x 1GbE Copper ports or
    8 x 1GbE Fiber (SFP) ports (optional)
  • 16 x 10GbE Fiber (SFP+) ports
  • 4 x 40GbE Fiber (QSFP+) Ports

PLOS: PIOLINK Operating System

PLOS is PIOLINK exclusive operating system. It has various high technologies like security,
High Availability (HA), and virtualization for putting optimized kernel
and ultimate network performance together. PLOS is stable and high performance platform
to support specialized features in each product.

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