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The SDN/NFV for simplifying the network
and increasing the efficiency of the infrastructure

For More Convenience and Speed in Establishing,
Operating, and Managing the Network System

SDN for Easy Operation
and Convenient Management on Your Network
As network systems in current datacenters are composed of
network devices from various vendors, there is a lot of
inconvenience for administrators to manually install and
operate each device. Due to the increasing cases of
cloud systems and big data service as well as the explosion
of data traffic, the growing capacity and size of each network
system brought more complexity and less efficiency.
There are problems of higher cost and less efficiency due
to increased needs and expansion of the network system.
SDN gives network owners and operators more control of
their infrastructure, allowing customization and optimization,
and reducing the overall capital and operational costs.
SDN also allows service providers to create new revenue
opportunities at an accelerated pace through the creation of
software-based applications –as the PC, mobile,
and Web industries have been doing successfully for years.
SDN (Software-Defined Networking) is a solution to overcome this limitation in your network.
SDN, next generation networking technology, is a software-oriented
to support flexible network deployment by OpenFlow, standard protocol.
with Multi-vendors
Control network devices from vendors such as witch and router
Fast Provisioning and a device update
Complexity Reduction
by Automation
Reduce indirect cost by manual operation
Remove error points from operating mistakes
Reliability Improvement
by Consistent Policy
Easy to manage by visualized network management
Secure your network by batching various policies
Business and service innovation by deploying a flexible network
Programmable network design on customer demands

SDN decouples the network control and forwarding functions
enabling the network control to become directly programmable
and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications
and network services Network device without control plane can
only process data transmission; hence centralized
controller manages ACL, configuration, security, monitoring,
and distribution. Centralized controller enables more efficient
transmission and through applying consistent policy,
it ensures fast and secured network security management.

SDN network structure is divided into 3 layers and each layer
communicates through open interface. OpenFlow is the first
standard communications interface defined between the control
and forwarding layers in a SDN architecture.

SDN network architecture for building a centralized network management
NFV for Building Fast Network and Scalability
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is the concept of decoupling the network functions,
such as Network Address Translation (NAT), firewall, intrusion detection, domain name service (DNS),
and caching, to name a few, from proprietary hardware appliances so they can run in software.
Especially communicative enterprises are introducing NFV to virtualize function of communication networks device.
NFV not only reduces operating expenses, installation cost, area of installation and energy consumption,
but also enhances network flexibility.
SDN and NFV are Essential to Compose SDDC (Software Defined Data Center)
called the next generation of data center.

PIOLINK, Leading Company in SDN/NFV Market

PIOLINK Understands
Your Datacenter Environment
PIOLINK has deep understanding about network
and customer demands through providing
optimized datacenter solution for 15 years.

PIOLINK with Core Technology
of Network, Security and
PIOLINK possesses core technologies
in various areas: application networking,
switching, virtualization, and security.

The Leading Company
in SDN/NFV Market
PIOLINK has conducting integrated controller
and switch for wired/wireless network based
on OpenFlow standard. Through demonstrating
OpenFlow based network system –
Open Networking Submit in USA
Mobile World Congress in Spain,
and Interop in Japan

– PIOLINK is leading the development
of the technology.

Service provider
PIOLINK with NAIM NETWORKS, which is providing
professional SDN/NFV consulting, and ATTORESEARCH,
which is supporting excellent SDN controller provider,
provides total SDN/NFV solution from building
an infrastructure to training and maintenance.
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